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Ashley Thompson
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Created 7 years ago

I would like to know if there is an impact rating for the Sequoia helmet. Does anyone know where I can find this info?

  • Alison Parker
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    Created 7 years ago

    I bought this helmet, and on the packaging it reads, “The Sequoia is made of a fully reinforced, singular structure that disperses impact across multiple nerves between the vents for maximum protection.” It doesn’t say anything specific about an impact rating, like a numerical value, but I hope that helps.

  • Sean Smith
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    Created 7 years ago

    Our helmets are put through rigorous impact tests to ensure that all our products meet the most stringent safety standards. To test our helmets, we drop each one from a minimum of 7’—so that it reaches at least 20 ft./sec—and measure the results as per safety regulations published by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Requirements for Bicycle Helmets. Every helmet, including the Sequoia, meets or exceeds the Commission’s pass/fail test for impact, as well as chinstrap safety and peripheral vision testing. We hope this information helps.

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