Product Summary

The most technical gloves we offer. With Nortex protection on the outside and Superfleece warmth on the inside.


  • Nortex outer shell provides wind and rain protection while allowing moisture to escape, keeping your hands warm and dry
  • Superfleece lining provide 50% better insulation that standard fleece
  • Long uppers to cover wrist and ensure that no snow gets in
Aaron McDonald
by Aaron McDonald

These gloves are very good overall. They have soft goggle wipes and a hand warmer pocket. I do wish they were a bit longer to keep more snow out when riding in deep powder, but they’re just fine when riding on groomed trails.

Rebekah Larsen
by Rebekah Larsen

For those of you who care about the dirty details of gloves that you will be wearing in the freezing cold for hours at a time, these gloves are an excellent choice for one reason: snot. These gloves have a built in snot wipe at the bottom of the palm, a feature not too many gloves have today. When the going gets really cold, and the last thing you want to do is take off your gloves, like when you’re riding down the mountain, a snot wipe can be your best friend. Kudos to whoever designed this glove.

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