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Donna Billups
by Donna Billups

I have recently been having some knee problems and find it hard to stand or walk for very long. Since buying these shoes, walking has become a lot less painful. I honestly have no idea what it is about these shoes that work so well for me, but I’ll gladly take pain-free walking any day. Although I don’t use these shoes for hiking, they’ve been great for day-to-day activities.

James Devore
by James Devore

I would recommend this shoe to anyone needing a light, rugged, multisport, and “all-terrain” shoe with a durable sole. Excellent value for the money.

Jason Werner
by Jason Werner

If you’re into trail running, I would definitely recommend getting a pair of these shoes. They have good tread and are very light. If you just hiking, I would probably look for something a little more durable and sturdy.

Average of 3 ratings: 3.3333333 stars
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