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Aaron McDonald
by Aaron McDonald

This is a great pack for anyone like myself who likes to pack and travel light. Throw in a few snacks, a jacket, my mp3 player, and I’m ready to go.

Boyd Larsen
by Boyd Larsen

My wife and I go hiking and biking in National Parks every year, and before we got a new backpack with a bladder we could never figure out how to carry enough water. This is one of my favorite pictures of my wife on one of our hikes, and yes, she is wearing the Cuzco. With this pack we are able to stay fully hydrated during our hikes, bike rides, and other outdoor activities. Since the bladder pocket is so big, one of us can carry all the water while the other one carries the snacks and other odds and ends that we need. This is incredibly convenient for us, because otherwise we would end up having to carry a bunch of smaller water bottles, which ends up making our packs bulky.

Average of 2 ratings: 3.5 stars
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