Product Summary

With the newly developed Geospan core made from straight-grained Finnish birch, the Whistler is lightweight yet responsive. This high-performance board let's you push the envelope while staying totally in control. The Omnichrome finish protects the structure of the board and looks great doing it!


  • Geospan birchwood core
  • Wood for core sustainably harvested in Finland
  • Resilient Omnichrome finish
Alison Parker
by Alison Parker from San Jose ,CA

This is a good board for beginners. Last season was a turning point for me, as I transitioned from a beginner to intermediate rider on this board. I’m now starting to feel like I need something a little more technical because I want to continue to improve so I don’t think I will be riding this one much longer. But the fact that this board helped me with my transition means that I owe a lot to it. If you’re just starting out, get this board. Here’s a picture of me tearing it up last season on the gorgeous slopes of Park City.

James Devore
by James Devore

I have been skiing since I was 15, and love the sport. After much persuasion, my son convinced me to try my hand a snowboarding. I needed a good basic board to learn on, and this definitely satisfied that requirement. As a beginner, I needed a softer board. The significant “give” in the middle allows me to go slower on the slopes when I need to so I don’t run off and hit a tree or crash into someone else.

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