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Enjoy with SPARROW™ the sheer immensity of the mountain, alone or with your friends and your fellows traveller.


Donna Billups
by Donna Billups

This bike is built a lot different than anything else I have ever owned. The frame sits you upright, which is perfect for more relaxed riding, but not so great if you want to go fast. Since it is a true cruiser, though, you shouldn’t be trying to go too fast anyway. I’m going to agree with the last comment on the saddle…it really should be more comfortable. If you’re sitting upright that necessarily means you’re putting all your weight on your rear end. The saddle should be wider and have a lot more cushion. It’s almost like they were going for less weight on a bike that shouldn’t be concerned about weight at all. Since the saddle is easily replaceable, it’s not the biggest deal in the world and I would recommend this bike for casual rides and short commuting.

Ashley Thompson
by Ashley Thompson

This bike is definitely a cruiser…think of pedaling around the boardwalk at the beach or riding around at the park on a Sunday afternoon. I really do enjoy this bike, but I wish the saddle was more comfortable…I think I might replace it.

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