Yes, I ski like a girl

By Alison Parker

To get the most out of ski season, you should follow a few simple rules. Here are a few of my best tips for women (or indeed anyone) when hitting the slopes or trails.

Cross-country skiing

Warming up. Don't discount the value of a proper warm-up. If you step out in to the cold and immediately start to exert yourself too much, you are much more likely to get injured. A quick warmup and stretch can work wonders!

Dress for the weather. But not too warmly. Remember that you need to dress warmly enough to be comfortable but not so warmly that you overheat. The best strategy is to layer your clothes so you can adjust them as needed. Alpine skiers should be especially aware of this since while sitting in the chairlift you need to keep warm but when skiing down the piste may not need so much insulation.

Keep hydrated. The main mistake many people make during winter sports is to think that in the cold you don't need as much water. Nothing could be further from the truth. The best solution is to bring a long small thermos of sweetened tea. This is especially important for cross-country skiers.

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