Going for Gold

By John Doe

The latest from the men's Olympic beach volleyball team. Geometrixx is a proud sponsor of the Erehwon Olympic beach volleyball team.


In the last Olympic games in Beijing the team did great, winning five gold medals. They are now looking forward to competing in London in 2012. So far this year they have played exhibition games in Paris, New York, Frankfurt and Tokyo. Here are the highlights from that tour:

Erehwon vs. Erehwemos in New York: A great game was played by both sides with Erewhon edging out their long-time rivals 10 points to 8.

Erehwon vs. Erehwesle in Paris: A new matchup! Meeting for the first time in the international circuit the Erehweslians were beaten by our team in closely fought game 12 to 11.

Erehwon vs. Erehwyna in Frankfurt: An exciting game all around with Erehwon triumphing 13 to 9.

Erehwon vs. Erehwemos in Tokyo: The rivalry continues! Erehwemos dug deep somewhere and no matter what they did the Erehwon team got nowhere! The final score: Erehwon 0, Erehwemos 7. Ouch! But our boys in will be back. The season isn't over!

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