Layer It On

By John Doe

If there is one question we get the most concerning our winter sports and recreation products it's this: "What's the best way to keep warm?" And the answer is three simple words: "layering, layering, layering!"


Layering helps you stay warm and comfortable in a number of ways:

  • It traps insulating air between the layers
  • It wicks away moisture from your skin, keeping you dry. And keeping dry is an important part of keeping warm.
  • Compared to one thick layer, multiple thiner layers let you adapt to circumstances by removing or opening an out layer when you get too hot.

In most cases three layers are optimal:

A base layer next to your skin that draws away perspiration. The most common materials for this layer are wool or synthetics like polyesther or microfibre fabrics. At Geometrixx we recommend long underwear made from Merino wool. It has excellent wicking ability combined with a natural softness that won't irritate your skin like other wools sometimes do. It is also naturally resistant to odours.

An insulating layer. This should be made of a breatable insulation like a wool, fleece or down jacket. Depending on the situation we recommend either fleece or down. Fleece provides good insulation and absorbs very little moisture. Down on the other hand provides even better insultaion but is more absorabnt of water. For moderate cold fleece is sufficient, but in very cold dry conditions a down jacket with a thinner fleece layer underneath is the best.

A shell. The shell should be waterproof or at least water-resistant but breatable. We recommend Nortex material. It is waterproof but has micropores that allows water vapour out. In less extreme settings, a breathable polyesther shell can also be used, but these are water-resistant, not truly waterproof. Plastic raincoats and the like should be avoided. They trap moisture in your clothes and next to your skin and before long you are soaking wet and cold.

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